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Evolutionary change constantly remoulds the conditions for a successful politics of sustainability.


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Institute for Social Change and Sustainability

Matter of issues of sustainability


The ISCH explores the interdependence of the development of modern societies and their discourses and politics of sustainability. It approaches issues of sustainability, which elsewhere are often addressed from a natural sciences, economic or technological point of view, from an explicitly social scientific perspective. Social change is not primarily a normative demand for us, but we conceptualise it first and foremost as an ever evolving reality, the causes, implications and effects of which we only partially understand. Accordingly, our key question is how this evolutionary change constantly remoulds the conditions for a successful politics of sustainability, and how it changes the understanding of sustainability itself.  

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Confronting racial and generational gaps

The Institute for Social Change is embedded in the Department of Socio-economics, which has a established focus on issues of sustainability in its teaching programmes.


Creating tools for larger change

Indeed, the Department hosts a number of Chairs and Institutes specialising on particular aspects of sustainability. 


Tapping the voice and power of constituents

What is being considered as sustainable, where societal perceptions of unsustainability emerge


Building productive relationships

Sustainability is an idea and project that is based on determined and socially negotiated values which keep societal development proceeds.

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Ajunji – Universidad San Sebastián

Gratuidad en matrículas y descuentos en aranceles y valores preferenciales son algunos de los beneficio que tenemos con conjunto con Universidad San Sebastián.


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The housing crisis is the most serious issue.

Issue that is making every other challenge harder, particularly for low-income families. This critical effort holds great promise for finding local and regional solutions.